Hamid Khansari, a renowned Oud player in Iran, was ​born in 1984 in Tehran. He studied at Tehran Music ​Boys School' and Tehran Music College under the ​tutelage of prominent teachers such as Mohammad ​Reza Ebrahimi, Mansour Sinkai, Mohsen Nafar, Hossein ​Dehlavi, Houshang Ostovar, Abdolnaghi Afsharnia, ​Masoud Ebrahimi, and Mohammad Esmaeili.

Since 2018, Khansari has been teaching Oud at the Boys' Music High School. He is also the author of the books "Fundamentals of Iranian Oud Playing" and "Fifty Pieces for Oud", which are used as the official method of teaching Oud at the Boys' Music High School.

During his artistic career, Khansari has collaborated with prominent artists such as Homayoun Shajarian, Alireza Ghorbani, Majid Derakhshani, Sohrab Pournazeri, and Tahmoures Pournazeri. In 2015, he won first place in the ensemble playing category at the Mugham Music Festival in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Khansari has released several personal albums to date. Among them is the album "Iran", in which he worked as a composer and player and published it in collaboration with Yashar Etaati. Also, the album "Persian Path", which was composed by Asgeir Asgeirsson and arranged by Khansari himself, was released in Iceland.

Khansari has played in numerous music albums both inside and outside Iran. These include the concert "Lords of Secrets" and "Mirrors" with Homayoun Shajarian and Sohrab Pournazeri, "Iran's Lady" with Peyman Soltani and Shahram Nazeri, and "Qajar Period Music" with Siamak Jahangiri in France in 2014.

He has also played in works for film music, such as "Berlin Minus Seven", "Iran Berger", and puppet operas "Khayam" and "Saadi".


  • Concert on International Nowruz Day in Ukraine 2013 with Tehran Ensemble
  • Ira Ensemble concert tour in Venezuela and Bolivia 2013
  • Fethiye Festival in Turkey 2014 with Ira Ensemble
  • Samaa Suffi Festival 2014 with Tehran Ensemble
  • Mugham Festival in Azerbaijan 2015 with Kahbod Ensemble
  • Fethiye Festival in Turkey 2016 with Tehran Ensemble
  • Musiqat Festival in Tunisia 2016 with Rahān Ensemble
  • "Women's Voice" Music Festival in Germany 2018 with Raahan Ensemble (Tehran Ensemble)
  • Longyou Festival in China 2020 duet with Yang Jing
  • Reykjavík Arts Festival in Iceland 2022 with Rahān Ensemble (Tehran Ensemble)


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